PSA: Barack Obama has found the best anti-ageing secret of all time.

Public Service Announcement: ending your time as President of the United States will do wonders for your skin and under-eye bags.

How do we know this? Because former President Barack Obama (good Lord, “former” hits a nerve), has stepped out in Soho with eldest daughter Malia to attend the revival of Arthur Miller’s The Price on Broadway, starring Danny DeVito and Mark Ruffalo.


His skin. It's so... dewy. (Image via Getty)

His complexion, you guys. It's freakin' flawless.

It seems ending his time as President was the best thing to ever happen to Barack Obama. I mean just look at that grin.

It's so... white.

What a cheerio chap. (Image via Getty)

He's SO glowy, if he weren't a dude, I might just speculate that he's preggas.


I have spent too many dollars on liquid foundations trying to get that healthy glow right there.

I have quite literally never seen such a happy man in my life. (Image: Getty)

May Barack Obama enjoy many-a-sleep in, and many-a-day off.

(And after taking less vacations than any other President in a generation, he deserves exactly that.)