This is the perfect destination for a babymoon with your best friend just 3 hours from Sydney.

At 36 weeks pregnant, I've gone through some pretty substantial changes over the last few months. Some — like the physical and emotional shifts — I had come to expect. 

Others — like a change in my values, and how I've wanted to spend my time — took me a little by surprise.

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My friendships have always been a huge, important focus for me. But over the last few months, as I've had to forego regular catch-ups in favour of much-needed couch time, I've come to realise just how precious these relationships are — and how much they might change when I'm a new mum.

I'm hyper aware that over the next few months, the energy and love that I would usually, and very gladly, give to the women around me will be going to a new little bestie that I evict from my uterus. I'm also aware I'll quite likely be spending more time with my partner than ever before.

Don't get me wrong, I love that man, but we're about to go into a full-on confinement stage where we're bound together for who knows how long — WITH a new (likely demanding) addition.


With all this in mind, I decided to make the most of some special time pre-baby with one of my oldest and best girlfriends, Lizzie. 

Bannisters by the Sea in Mollymook was calling us with its Babymoon package, and I couldn't think of anyone better to share with. Here's why.

Getting there.

At this stage in my pregnancy, air travel is no bueno so the accessibility of this paradise was a big plus. It's about a three-hour drive south of Sydney, and with your best girlfriend, endless conversations and a decent playlist, that time flies!

We decided to treat ourselves to a Tesla via Europcar, which might not only be one of the safest cars we've driven, but also one of the comfiest (hello giant sunroof). 

Both were big wins — and big priorities — for us when transporting precious cargo. The drive is cruisy and scenic with looming mountains on one side, stunning ocean views on the other and plenty of opportunities to stop on the way for a bathroom break (me, did I mention I’m pregnant?) or for road trip nuggets (both of us, did I mention we're human?) because road trip rules stipulate that a Maccas run en route to your destination is a need, not a want. Naturally.  

The Room.

This is where I get really excited. The space, the view, the room. Wow. We checked into the Collette Dinnigan Penthouse, which was meticulously curated by the iconic designer (even down to the flowers on display) and honestly, you can tell.


The enormous suite boasts stunning white-washed panelled walls, a plush XXL couch with coastal views to sink into, a remote-controlled gas fireplace and an enormous balcony that beckons with stunning, uninterrupted ocean views from the living room and the bedroom. The epitome of relaxed coastal luxury, It gives strong Hamptons vibes. As soon as we walk in, we know we're going to have to be dragged out by the end of our stay.

Upon arrival, I immediately bolted for a soak in the gigantic bath and adopted robe life — because, again, those are the rules of vacay life. As anyone who's been pregnant will know, growing a human is pretty exhausting. So I loved being able to go and plop into the bath totally uninterrupted, while Lizzie relaxed by the fire with tea.

Naturally, we texted each other in silence from our respective havens before watching trash tv, nibbling on shortbread and donning gold face masks, for a pre dinner glow. Chic. 

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The Food.

Because booze is off the table, I get my kicks where I can and food and snacking is where I thrive. Thankfully, Bannisters get it. Part of the Babymoon Package is a poolside mocktail on arrival, and as a Campari advocate, the alcohol-free Lyre's Negroni did not disappoint.

Then we moseyed up for dinner at Rick Stein at Bannisters. The menu, carefully curated by the celebrity chef himself, features stunning local seafood, market fish and loads of preggo-friendly options.

My recommendation? The fish and chips are 100 per cent it. Being here with my bestie meant we could order a variety of dishes and share without any complaints, because that's what girlfriends do. Obvs. 

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À la carte brekky is included daily, and this is important because, as any pregnant woman knows, your food icks change daily. Avo on toast one day and might not hit the way french toast does on the next. And when you have a plus one leeching everything off your body, you get to have whatever you want. Thankfully, everything on the breakfast menu was 10/10.

Bannisters has another location with a rooftop restaurant a block or two away and a shuttle service can take you door to door. The menu there is big and full of yummy small plates, perfect for sharing. Lizzie and I indulged in the ultimate girl dinner and tasted literally EVERYTHING, without protest from anyone, my growing plus one included. Do yourself a favour and order the cos side salad. Thank me later. 



Did I bring my own face masks? Yes. Did we use them? Also yes. But when your back is aching, your hips are shifting and your body has basically been hijacked, there’s nothing more luxurious than someone dedicating an hour to easing some of those pains in the day spa.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that for those 60 minutes, I was in heaven. Between the sea view set-up, the fresh air and the plush towels, I was blissed out by the massage and left floating on a cloud… back to the pool, that is, where we ordered lunch. Massage then pizza? Ooft. Say less.

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Also, going on vacay with a girlfriend means you basically have a private photographer at all times. 

You never have to worry about getting the shot or teeing up the frame for your partner, who inevitably messes it up anyway. 

Pool side pic? She’s on it, getting the right angle, finding the perfect light. 

Considering most of the pics my partner has taken of me thus far have featured a double chin, an unflattering low angle or a Malteaser placed strategically into my disappearing belly button (because apparently it's hilarious?). Getting this shot was worth the trip alone.

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Also included in the Babymoon package is a Brillo Beauty pack with six full-sized products suitable for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. As someone who has been using The Butter and The Oil throughout my pregnancy already, I can confirm these products are 100 per cent worth the hype (and from the lady startup business of Mamamia's very own Leigh Campbell no less). 

After 48 hours of pampering, paradise and uninterrupted quality time with my girlfriend, I left Bannisters at Mollymook feeling as good as a 36-week pregnant gal can. While I’m not quite sure what my ~new mum era~ will *actually* look like, I do know that I'll have some pretty amazing women supporting me – and I'm super grateful to have had this time with one of my nearest and dearest before that next chapter officially begins.

The writer was hosted by Bannisters at Mollymook and the Tesla was supplied by Europcar. 

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