'I just look illegal.' The clothes that have been banned from an online retailer.


Baby onesies with the words “Daddy’s little f*** toy” and “I just look illegal” written on the front have been withdrawn from sale on online retailer giant Amazon’s US website, in response to intense backlash.

The items were offered under the category of baby clothing, and was described as a “funny baby bodysuit”. However, many shoppers were offended by the slogans, and now the items are no longer listed as available for sale on the site.

“All marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines. Those who don’t will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. The products in question have been removed,” an Amazon spokesperson told Mamamia in a statement.

The baby clothing Amazon has been forced to remove from its site. Image: Amazon.

Professor Marci Hamilton, the CEO of child protection body Child USA, told The Sun: "It is outrageous that baby clothing with this language appears anywhere on the web let alone Amazon."


Hamilton's greatest concern is that the clothing's concepts would encourage predatory behaviour.

"It has a way of normalising the activity, which is extremely dangerous to children.”

This top is on the site but is listed as currently unavailable. Image: Amazon.

There remains on Amazon some items that could be deemed inappropriate for anyone, let alone children, to wear.

For example, there's a "Porn Stars are People too" t-shirt listed under children's clothing, and a "Think Porn" baby bib. Both items are listed as unavailable for purchase.

There is also an entire listing of "I just look illegal" merchandise on the site, under the category of adult clothing.