A clothing company released an ad. There are approximately 1856 problems with it.

Okay, so you know how women just want to feel slim all the time, and don’t care about anything else?

And you know how all men just want to be macho and active, saving women and the world from themselves?

Yeah. Duh. So a clothing brand called Banana Republic just released an ad for some new pants.

And because women spent 99 per cent of their time thinking about being skinny (and one per cent of the time thinking about how to make a sandwich, because, women!), the clothing brand dubbed them The Slimming Sloan pant for her. Nice.

The men’s pant? The Rapid Movement Chino for him. Because men are rapid! And active! And sporty! Get it?

Men do things. At a very rapid pace.

People – weirdly – weren’t sure what to think.

So, you know, there was that. And then, inevitably, were the people who tut-tutted Banana Republic’s glorification of riding in a particularly unsafe manner AND the fact it looked more like something out of a Kanye West film clip. Because Kimye own bike riding etc.

The internet is a beautiful, wondrous, underrated place.

May it be the gift that keeps giving.