The way this soccer team responded to a ref's ban on their teammate's hijab is incredible.

Something pretty awesome happened last week.

A US student called Samah Aidah was trying to play in a soccer team for Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado.

We say ‘trying’, as one of the referees decided she should not be able to play with the rest of the team.

The reason? Was Samah’s religion and her desire to wear a hijab while playing. (This happened despite FIFA recently lifting its ban on players being able to wear headscarves while playing soccer.)

Obviously, this is not the awesome part of the story. This is the sad, regressive part of the story.

Luckily, her team-mates weren’t willing to sit by and watch their team-mate get excluded from the game.

So they did this.

Well played team, well played.

And the good news is that since the image was shared, the girls were given permission to the following game wearing the hijabs.