A ball kid's awkward tussle with a tennis ball has stolen the show at the Australian Open.

A ball kid is proving to be the unlikely hero of the final week of the Australian Open, drawing attention to a doubles match in an otherwise singles-soaked week.

Manning the doubles match between US super duo Bob and Mike Bryan and their semi-final opponents, the yet unnamed ball kid won the crowd over quickly thanks to a rogue ball and unshakeable determination.

In the first set, after a ball was hit so hard it found itself firmly lodged within the rungs of the chair umpire’s ladder, a ball kid took it upon himself to retrieve the ball on behalf of all involved.

Except, ah, it was really, very stuck.

After persevering just a little bit longer, and with one of the players making his way over to help dislodge a very stubborn rogue tennis ball, the ball kid won the battle.

And the attention of the thousands in the crowd, too, with those in Rod Laver launching into a round of applause.

Because what do they say? Hero’s don’t always wear capes.