Two tourists have tragically drowned after being dragged into Bali's sea.

Two tourists have drowned after being dragged out to sea as tidal waves and king tides flood South Bali.

The tourists from Hong Kong and Singapore, died after wild weather engulfed the Padang Galak Beach in Sanur, according to local newspaper Tribun Bali.

Footage has emerged of giant waves crashing into tourist hot-spots, which left popular coastal restaurant The Rock Bar and Ayana Resort deserted and damaged, according to WA Today.

Ku De Ta, the most popular nightspot for Australians in Seminyak, was also pounded by furious seas.

“Currently staying right on Kuta Beach and over the past few days at times the whole beach has been washed away,” Melbourne tourist Kate told TripAdvisor.

“Sadly [it’s] doing a lot of damage but only happening for a few hours a day.”

Just two weeks ago a Perth woman and her younger sister drowned after being pulled out to sea by a wave hitting a beach near the Indonesian island of Lombok.

Lestari Williams was newly married and also with her husband Brad at the time, who managed to make it back to shore with only minor injuries.

Feature image: Instagram