Gerard Baden-Clay killed his wife, but he still wears his wedding ring in prison.


Gerard Baden-Clay is still wearing his wedding ring.

Baden-Clay’s murder conviction was downgraded to manslaughter last week. Now #doingit4Allison is calling for a new appeal to the High Court, and changes to the law to prevent similar outcomes in the future.

According to reports in the Courier Mail today, the convicted killer continues to wear the ring in jail.

The paper reports he was wearing the ring in the lead up to his appeal, which resulted in the downgrading of his conviction over the death of his wife Allison from murder to manslaughter.

“The former real estate agent has moved to a quieter prison unit and has also taken up the paid role of ‘trolley pusher’ in jail, where he delivers three daily meals to prison units from the kitchen,” the paper reports.

Allison’s friend Nicole Morrison told the Today show that “it doesn’t surprise” her that Baden-Clay still wears the ring.

Morrison said the Queensland government should appeal against the decision to the High Court.

She is part of the new campaign calling for the changes to the law prompted by the Court of Appeal’s decision.


“We lost an extraordinary person, we lost an amazing friend and we lost an amazing mother,” Morrison said.

Doingit4Allison today launched a website and Twitter hashtags #doingit4Allison and #doingit4all.

“We need to let our political leaders know the social and legal structures designed to support and protect against domestic violence are not working,” the website reads.

“We are rallying the community to be counted, to make our voices heard and to deliver a clear message that domestic violence is not okay, that our political leaders need to listen and that the judicial system needs to represent the people.

The campaign has some high profile supporters including Libby Trickett, and will hold a rally in Brisbane on Friday December 18.

“On Friday we are calling on the Attorney General to appeal the decision and for our leaders to change the laws to make sure this does not happen again. We’re #doingit4allison, we’re #doingit4all.”

Morrison said she hoped that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull would support the push for an appeal.

An online petition calling for the Queensland Government to appeal the case has over 71,000 signatures.