Do you have to have a bad relationship before you can have a good one?

Dating can be fun, but it is also pretty hard and at times awkward. You usually have to go on multiple bad dates. So when you finally find someone who you can stand for longer than two drinks the world becomes filled with sparkles, unicorns and fairies.

Some relationships have an expiry date though. In other words, they get bad. Real bad. Like when they call you crazy for being upset they slept over at a girl’s house after a night out. Or when they tell you that you shouldn’t be so…so…well…you. Or that they haven’t loved you for the 6 months of your 9 month relationship.

At Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel, six Mamamia personalities grab a few beers and question whether you have to have a bad relationship before you find a good one.




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Have a beer on us! 

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