This is what happens when kids try to write their own jokes.





There is a hero human being currently walking the earth who:

a) works at a kids joke website, where children can submit their own jokes


b) secretly collects all the terrible rejected kids jokes and puts them on a Tumblr

Besides the obvious first question (which is HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET A GLORIOUS JOB AT A KIDS JOKE WEBSITE?) this man really just needs to be congratulated for providing the world with an invaluable service. Because, believe it or not, these rejected children’s jokes are actually the source of copious amounts of untapped creative brilliance.


For example:


Or how about this philosophical gem:


Or why don’t you let your mind ponder THIS brain explosion:


And there’s more. Oh, there is so much more:



Our future leaders, ladies and gentlemen. Our future leaders.











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