18 things you should never do in someone's house.

During my high school years, I was horrified to discover when some (former) friends of mine decided to take a ride through my underwear draw and place it’s contents all over my parents’ house.

Hanging from the chandelier.

In the fridge.

I even recall one floating in the fish bowl.

But despite years of believing this was the worst thing house guests could do, after reading some of the comments on this Reddit thread, I was surprisingly mistaken.

Users have shared the worst things a guest has ever done in their house and let’s just say, they don’t hold back:

1. “A friend of mine kicked a hole in the wall because he lost a game of rock paper scissors. He was sober. We were all sober.”

2. “Ordered a pizza for himself and expected us to pay for it.”

3. “My mum and some of her family owned a place and let someone stay there overnight (alone). They cut the floorboards for firewood because it was to cold to grab firewood from outside.”

"They cut the floorboards for firewood because it was to cold to grab firewood from outside." (Image via iStock)

4. "During a house party we sat down to play a FIFA tournament on the Xbox. The Xbox got lit up with one red ring and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I go over and look at the Xbox and see that someone stole the hard drive. I honestly wish they had stole the entire Xbox if they were going to do that."

5. "Someone stole my collection of Nintendo 64 video games I had. I had a lot. We know who did it and this kid literally left town. This was about five years ago. I still remember what you look like a**hole."

6. "Drank all my wine, re-filled it with dyed water and put it back in my cabinet. That's when I decided to go from bottled wine to boxed wine."

7. "Broke off my shower head and acted as if nothing happened. I didn't even know it was broken until nightfall when I had to take a shower. She also used all my ranch dressing and put the empty bottle back in the fridge."

8. "Walk in my house with dirty shoes on."

9. "A 'friend' I invited over for a while refused to leave when I politely asked due to me needing to leave."

10. "Took a bite of each slice of a pizza then said I'm not hungry."

11. "I had a house guest rack up more than $100 in long-distance on my house phone and then deny ever doing it."

12. "Used my electric trimmer without asking to shave off their beard and left a massive mess of hair all over my bathroom sink and counter."

13. "Opened my boyfriend's mint condition Star Wars action figures from the 70's."

14. "Locked all our doors, which meant I got locked out the next day."

15. "Invited people over that I did not know without asking my permission."

16. "Used my toothbrush everyday for two weeks and when I called them out on it they apologised but continued to use it."

17. "Park sideways on my front lawn so no cars can get out of the driveway."

18. "Took a ham... A HAM."

What's the worst thing a guest has done in your house?

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