Solid evidence that getting a drunken tattoo on holiday is never, ever a good idea.

With sun drenched images of smug happy people enjoying the European summer flooding our social media feeds, it would be easy to get mad and throw shade.

But you know what happens to smug happy people on holiday? They get drunk. Sometimes they get so drunk, they get tattoos.

And as grumpy, rugged up assholes sitting on the freezing cold side of the world, that’s about the greatest gift we can receive.

One of the most popular Euro destinations for young party lovers is the Spanish resort town of Magaluf, which is conveniently home to bars and tattoo parlours aplenty. And for some reason, holiday-goers in this town seem to love nothing more than getting really bad tattoos and sharing them on social media.

Here are 10 of the worst we’ve seen.

1. The of-the-moment tattoo.

There might come a time when the whole Pokemon Go “gotta catch ’em all” thing wears off and you know, stops being cool. But for one lucky lady, the passion and ink will never truly fade.

2. The blackout tattoo.

Also known as “what the f*%k is that?” morning after tattoo.

On a serious note, anyone whose testicles look like this should probably see a GP sooner rather than later.

3. The foodie tattoo.

Some foodies might turn their nose up at Pringles, but not this guy, who clearly understands that drunk snacks are the only snacks worth immortalising on your flesh.

4. The “not quite a child, not quite an adult” tattoo.

As former children ourselves, we understand the lifelong love that will be carried for the seminal shapers of who you are today.


But needing to wear them as a badge of honour ON YOUR FACE?


5. The retro tattoo.

Similar to the above, the hunger for retro throwbacks is real, we get it. But feed it through Stranger Things or by purchasing mid century Danish furniture, for the love of all that is good taste. Still, it seems there are those who just want a reminder of what once was on their body.

Your arcade days may be over Pacman, but your spirit lives on thanks to this selfless individual offering up their body to your memory.

6. The diehard tattoo.

Nothing says you support your local football team quite like getting a tattoo of said team’s initials.

7. The closet comedian tattoo.

Does anyone else think “Great Banter” bloke is actually super awkward and hope that this tattoo would lend itself as an icebreaker and help women to see him as a funny guy?

8. The YOLO tattoo.

Live fast die young, etc, etc.

If you must tattoo the falsehood that you won’t age, we recommend doing it in an easily covered area.

9. The “I knew I wanted a tattoo but didn’t know what of” tattoo.

If this feeling ever overcomes you, we implore you to remember this: GO HOME. YOU’RE DRUNK.

10. The tattoo that proves you’re an awful person.

Some would call a person, who encourages others to have their Twitter handle tattooed on them, a sociopath. Others would simply call them a DJ.

I dunno, you decide.

Got a bad holiday tattoo of your own?