17 corny, creative and completely cringe-worthy Halloween costumes.

There are no words for some of these monstrosities.

We’ve collected photos of some of the corniest and most cringe-worthy Halloween costumes for your perusal.

Whatever your views on Halloween tomorrow, it’s always fun to look at people with immense enthusiasm for something that probably doesn’t warrant such investment.

And when it comes to matching family costumes, the cringe-worthiness seems to be, err, condensed.

Like this family, for instance.

If you think matching orange pumpkin outfits are awkward, we don’t even have words for this one…

Cone heads? Cones of silence? Homer Simpsons? We’re not quite sure…


Keen to see more? Click through the gallery below for a round-up of the most enthusiastic trick or treaters.

What families were best and worst dressed according to you?


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