The 35 best bad baby photos you've ever seen.

Every baby is beautiful. But every baby can also take a bad picture…

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t have a terrible photo of themselves as a baby? Whether it be in an unflattering pose, a naked bath picture (has any parent in the history of the world not done this?), or a food-all-over-the-face shot, there are plenty of opportunities as a baby to get snapped unexpectedly by your parents and have your life changed because you’re now an internet meme.

Case in point:

The truth is, we all have some pretty horrific photos of ourselves from when we were younger, however for most of us they are buried in photo albums at your parents’ house, only to be pulled out for birthdays or family reunions.

For the kids of today? Not so much.

Hello, Instagram. G’day, Facebook.

So without further ado, we present to you our gallery of the Internet’s best bad baby photos. You’re welcome.

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Do you have bad baby photos of yourself or your children?

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