The Bachelor denies. But is it just more lies? #dirtystreetpies







Yesterday, New Idea confirmed that Bachie Blake and runner-up Louise were a couple. They didn’t hedge their bets, either. They used the c-word: CONFIRMED.


But now, the Bach has hit back, turning to Twitter for just the second time since the show ended.

Bachie says: NO CONFIRM!




Bachie Blake doesn’t really say it’s not true. He asks a rhetorical question. And, you might be thinking: Who asks a rhetorical question when they want to put rumours to bed? What’s he up to? Hmmm…

Well, amid rumours of several magazines bidding for his story, perhaps he’s staying mum to protect a payday when he finds a cashed-up outlet to make the reveal. After all, this dancing dude is a savvy stripping entrepreneur, so he knows the free market laws of supply and demand.

In other news, Sam and other former Bachelorettes Kara, Zoe, Chantal, Amber and Alana are spending Saturday in a karaoke limousine touring vineyards.

Strangely, it looks like Louise wasn’t invited.

Sucks to be Bachie (though, we’d like to see the Bach hit the karaoke mic. Bet he does a mean “I’m Too Sexy”)


Karaoke limousine. The only way to travel. (via instagram)
Ladies drink to dodging the Bachie bullet. (via instagram)



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