The Bachelor's Nikki is finally using her public heartbreak to her advantage.

We’ve been waiting all year (okay, maybe just a few weeks) for this moment to arrive: the moment Bachelor runner-up Nikki gets her revenge on Richie.

That sounds a little extreme, but when we saw the 28-year-old’s latest Instagram post, we had a lot of respect for what she was getting at.

Nikki's face is all of ours watching the Bachelor finale. Image via Channel 10.

What's the best way to deal with having your heart broken in front of millions of viewers on primetime television? Use it to your advantage.

Nikki posted an image of herself holding two bottles of champagne, asking Perth Racing whether she was eligible to enter a competition held at the Ascot Racecourse.

Heartbroken = competition winner. Image via Instagram.

"Goodness knows I LOVE the races. and I LOVVVVEEE Mumm champers - it's my favourite. Ask anyone!" Nikki - who describes herself as a "racing enthusiast" - wrote.

"If that entry doesn't work, can I play the 'I had my heart broken on national television so you should totally let me win' card?"


Um, yes, Nikki. You most certainly can play that card. (If it makes you feel better, we wouldn't even think twice about it).

Nikki finished her post by writing "#onlyjoking" and "okhalfjoking".

Just a big kid at heart. Mr Whippyyy ????????

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Given that Nikki has said she's "still not over" not winning Richie's heart on the show, we think she's well within her rights to play the "heartbroken woman, give me champagne" role.