The Bachelor's Alex's ex-boyfriend shares the truth behind their breakup.

Yesterday, Bachelor favourite Alex Nation was plagued by rumours that she had dumped her disabled ex, Tom Barbour, in order to appear in the competition for Richie’s heart.


It was then reported that Tom – who was left in a wheelchair after a work site accident – had “fled the country” so he didn’t have to watch Alex potentially end up with Richie when the show’s finale airs later this week.

Alex Nation with her ex-boyfriend, Tom. Image via Twitter.

Now, Tom has spoken to Kyle and Jackie O and set the record straight, revealing that HE was the one who called time on their relationship.

"In the end it was me that made that decision to call it off," he told the show, saying that the pair parted ways in September last year.

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"Obviously me being in a wheelchair and her having a young child brought a lot of complexities into the relationship, more than a standard couple [would have]" he said.

"And with me working through a uni degree, I just didn't have much spare time for Alex and Elijah and that wasn't fair. I thought she needed more."

Of his decision to "flee" to Sweden, Tom said he had applied to study overseas, and that Alex's appearance on the show and his overseas move were "completely unrelated".

Tom reveals he was the one who called it quits with Alex over "complications". Image via Twitter.

Despite the negative press about their relationship - and the fan backlash towards Alex, who have branded her as "too intense" and "obsessive" - Tom said they are still close.

"Alex is such a great person, she's always true to herself. She's not trying to get fame," he said.

"We're still great friends."

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Before Tom's radio this morning, Alex released her own statement about their relationship.

"Our relationship ended amicably with us both agreeing it was best to part ways," she said.

"We are on good terms. Tom is now overseas on a scholarship to study."

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