The Bachelorette’s Sam comes clean about his controversial Instagram "girlfriend."

Yesterday, the world our office was sent into a spin when a photo of Sam posing with A GIRL OTHER THAN GEORGIA LOVE appeared on Instagram.

Considering that Sam was still featuring on the show at the time, it was kind of a massive #spoileralert.

WHO ARE YOU, ANGIE?! Image via Instagram.

Now that Sam is on the outside, we wanted to set the record straight about who "Angie" (aka the girl in the photo) was and whether this meant he was off the market.

According to Sam, it was all a massive misunderstanding.

"I...I have legit no idea who this Angie chick is." Image via Channel 10.

"I've got no idea who she is, to be honest," Sam told Mamamia.

"She was just a girl who asked me for a photo. Everyone's been calling and asking me, 'Sam, you must be in trouble for that photo', but she's just a girl who asked for a photo."

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In his own words, Sam is "definitely still single".

If you're still interested in the electrician from New South Wales after he admitted he was on the show to increase his "media profile", then he's all yours!

See which guys are still in the competition for Georgia's heart. Post continues after gallery.

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