The Bachelorette's Lee reveals why his mum is upset by how the finale is playing out

It’s arguably the best kept secret in all of Australia: who will be the last man standing in front of Georgia Love on tonight’s finale of The Bachelorette?

In fact, the final two are remaining SO tight-lipped that their closest friends and family don’t even know.

Not even Lee's mum knows if he wins Georgia's heart. Image via Channel 10.

Lee confessed to Mamamia that even though his little sister and best mate know the results of tonight's finale, he's kept it from his beloved mum.

"I feel terrible about it, but I want to relieve her of that burden," he told us.

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"My mother called me the other day, she must have read somewhere that Richie’s mum knew about the finale results. She’s like, ‘Lee, Richie’s mum knew about the results!’" he laughed.

"I had to say, 'Sorry, but you’re not Richie’s mum!'"


Lee said he knew he couldn't tell his mum the big reveal as soon as he announced he was going on the show.

"When I went on the show, I said, 'Mum, it has to be a secret, I'm going to drop off the face of the Earth for one week maybe ten weeks, I don't know!' And two minutes later she's on the phone to her best friend telling her!"


Can't blame a mum for being proud, right?

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"She’s so proud of me... no matter what happens tonight, she will just want to tell everyone.

"I could do anything and my parents would be proud of me and want to tell the whole world. For that reason and that reason only is why I’ve chosen to keep that from them. It’s killed me."

When it comes to Matty J, his mum and his sister both made the secret cut. As did baby George...because, of course.

"I know all of your secrets" says Baby George. Image via Channel 10.

"Baby George does know, and he does have a big mouth. I worry that [he will spill] at mother's group, I can’t trust those kids," he said.

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