Bachelorette Georgia has been slated for her poor 'understanding' of the boys' dynamic.

We’re often led to believe the series of The Bachelor and Bachelorette are vastly different in their make-up and execution.

Sure, the mansion is the same, the dates are suspiciously similar and the concept is identical, but the real difference, or so we are led to believe, comes in how both men and women grasp the concept and deal with its intricacies.

Because, duh, boys are chilled and can handle it well and girls thrive off drama. It’s not their fault, it’s in their DNA, of course.

For Thursday’s ousted contestant Ryan, he told Mamamia Georgia couldn’t quite grasp the boys’ dynamic and why they tried to band together to give each other as much time with Georgia as they could.

Ryan was denied a rose at the most recent rose ceremony. Image via Channel 10.

"I found it interesting how Georgia took it so hard – it’s like she couldn’t understand that that’s what we were trying to do."

Although last night it seemed Georgia understood exactly what the boys were trying to do. She just wasn't a fan of it because naturally, she thought the boys should be there for her and not simply for friendship. This is a competition, guys.

More than that, Ryan commended the Bachelorette boys on their ability to work together to ensure they all got as much time with Georgia as possible, saying the girls from The Bachelor couldn't grasp the concept in their own season.

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"The girls from The Bachelor wouldn’t do that, because they can’t get their head around that type of concept and for us it just seemed natural to be like a squad and trying to make sure the guy that develops a connection with her is the best guy for her," he said.

Former contestant Tommy agreed, also telling Mamamia the way the men respected each other just came naturally when it came to giving each other sufficient time with Georgia.

"We didn’t use the word bro code, it was just being polite and being a gentlemen," he said.

"There was no bro code, it was just being polite. It just happened like that. Everyone just respected each other, obviously we’re all there for the same reasons."