The Bachelorette's Rhys just took a dig at the show... using his shirt.

It’s barely been a week since he left our screens, but The Bachelorette star Rhys Chilton is making sure we don’t forget him.

The 29-year-old took a sly dig at his time on the show in an image shared on Instagram.

The photo, taken during a recent shoot, was accompanied by a caption one fan described as “savage”.

“At least the flowers on this shirt last more than a week right? Am I right?” Rhys wrote.

Oh, snap.

The not-so-rosy comment comes days after the reality star shared a photo of one super-fan who dressed up as him for a costume party — arm sling included.

We can barely tell them apart. (Source: Instagram/Network Ten.)

Well, we don't actually know if it was for a costume party - maybe that's just how he gets his kicks.

Either way it's brilliant, and we should all dump our Halloween plans of 'sexy cat' and give this a go.

Let's also keep in mind the floral shirt is what current contender Courtney Dober has been rocking since day one.

We see what you did there, Bachelorette Stylist. (Source: Network 10.)

Was Rhys' shirt simply a tribute to his co-star... or could it hold a hidden clue as to how well he fares in the show's final episodes?


We'll forgive you for the dig, Rhys, and we'll just say this: cut the ends off your next rose and change the water every few days.

You'll find it'll last a little longer than expected.

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