The Bachelorette Effect: Now everyone wants to date 'nervous poos' Ben.

What happens when you go on The Bachelorette but don’t get a rose?

Well, you feel a little sad, like you’ve been dumped. Despite the fact 15 other dudes were also dating this girl.

So you go back to your normal life.

And then, suddenly, you become more attractive to the opposite sex. ,

On the latest episode of the Bach Chat podcast Ben Lyall told us that since not receiving a rose two weeks ago, plenty of women have been reaching out to him.

And he’s not really sure what to do about it.

Hear him talk about it on the latest episode. Or listen in iTunes here.

“There’s been some legit creepers” he told Amy Cooper and Laura Brodnik.

“As a 5 out of 10 guy I haven’t really had to experience it much before in my life. But people have sent me pictures of our faces morphed together saying that’s what our kids are going to look like.”

Yes, really. Maybe they haven’t watched How To Lose a Guy in 10 days.

He’s also received a lot of very long Facebook messages.

“If I message a girl and she doesn’t write back, then I’ll wait a few days – say something like I’ve been waiting for you my whole life, then have a bit of banter and that’s it. But some of these (girls) are writing to me for two or three weeks. And I’m like, well you sort of live in Perth it’s probably not going to work out – but they keep sending me pictures of themselves (not rude pictures) and I’m just like, this is really nice.”

“I walk outside feeling like the most amazing guy in the world.”

Well Ben, you might not have found love with Georgia Love, but at least we know that The Bachelorette works.

Even if some may be legit creepers.

Listen to the full episode of Bach Chat here

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