We've finally discovered why The Bachelorette boys are playing such a "fair game."

The Bachelorette boys are a very different beast to the Bachelor girls, and we could never quite figure out why.

Sam Frost‘s season applied a ‘bro code’ to ensure each suitor had uninterrupted one-on-one time before rose ceremonies.

In contrast Richie Strahan’s season had women openly interrupting one another and shaming them for using advantages such as the white rose.

It would be ignorant to say it’s all because men are above low-blows because let’s look at the cattiness that is the current season’s Rhys/Sam dynamic.

There is however a running theme within each of our ex-contestant interviews and we think it may just be the secret ingredient to a wholesome household.

They. Never. Watched. The. Show.

Ryan was denied a rose at the most recent rose ceremony. Image via Channel 10.

Evidence 1: Ryan. 

Sailing coach Ryan told Mamamia he had done zero background research before the show.

"I hadn’t watched any episodes or done any background research…I probably should have," he said.

"For the first two weeks I was pretty much just watching, but trying to be in it as well."

The 28-year-old believed other men may have manipulated their behaviour on the basis of series knowledge.

"They probably knew how to act in certain situations to make it funny or be a bit dramatic and that sort of stuff," he said.

Tommy walked in blind and walked out without a rose. Image via Channel 10.

Evidence 2: Tommy

Employment coach Tommy told Mamamia he walked almost entirely blind into his time in the national spotlight.

"I watched one episode…of last year's season, it was the first episode, so I knew what I was going into it," he said.

Tommy said the sneak peak into his future role only hindered his time on the show.

"It didn’t really help at all and made me more nervous," he said.

It's true love. Image via Channel 10.

Evidence 3: Aaron. 

Marketing company CEO Aaron had a bit more exposure than other contestants but still entered with a great deal of naivety.

"I’ve seen bits and pieces but never actually sat down and watched a full series or anything like that," he told Mamamia.

The Queenslander went on to share how his limited knowledge was largely an anomaly within the house.

"It was funny because most of the boys in the house, none of us had really seen it and we’re on the show," he said.

The lack of exposure to the show and the 'characters' that emerge each season (hi Keira) may have prevented the men from acting up for the cameras.

So are they playing fair or do they simply not know how to play?