The Bachelorette is bringing in some brand new contestants, and their first day did not go well.

Video via Channel 10

Testosterone levels are set to soar in The Bachelorette mansion this week when two intruders enter the house.

Channel 10 have given fans their first look at the two men entering the race for Georgia Love’s heart before they are introduced in Wednesday night’s episode.

We like what we see, but we can’t get over the fact that one of the men is called Matteo.

We’re not sure if this is because there was already a Matt and a Matty in the house, so the 31-year-old was forced to come up with a different and unique nickname.


Actually, we’re not sure we’ve ever heard anyone named Matthew called Matteo. (What is wrong with just being called Matthew by the way?)

Let’s hope the nickname doesn’t hold him back. He and fellow intruder, 26-year-old Todd, have enough to deal with entering the house weeks after the other contestants  – if previous seasons are anything to go by.

Host Osher Gusburg told audiences could look forward to seeing some “priceless” reactions from the group.

“I feel that next week is the best representation of the difference between when the mansion is full of men instead of women,” Osher said, cryptically.

“Some of the reactions are so priceless and so personal, I can’t wait for you to see them.”

We can’t wait either, Osher.

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