There's a crazy explanation for why we didn't see Bachelorette's Jefferson in episode one.

Remember when a random dude named ‘Jefferson’ just showed up out of nowhere and claimed to be a ‘contestant’ on The Bachelorette?

Well, it turns out that Jefferson a) is a real person and b) has literally been here this whole time.

(And by ‘this whole time’, we mean two episodes.)

But there’s a reason we didn’t learn of his existence until episode two.

You see Jefferson – who the internet tells us is a 30-year-old events manager from New South Wales – decided to take a little snooze during the cocktail party instead of, you know, trying to fall in love with Sophie Monk.

jefferson sleeping bachelorette
Um... hi? Image via Channel 10.

Yep, there Jefferson is, in all his snoozing glory as his potential perfect woman just waltzes on by.


If we were to make a list of 'Things You Should Probably Never Do As A Contestant On The Bachelorette', this would definitely be number two.

(Breakdancing within seconds of first meeting someone is number one.)

However, thanks to some special 'behind-the-scenes' insights dropped by our main man Osher, there may be a reasonable explanation for Jefferson's behaviour.

LISTEN to the second episode of Bach Chat: No, you cannot hurt Sophie Monk on television. (Post continues...)


Speaking to his Hit105 co-hosts Stav, Abby and Matt on Thursday morning, Osh revealed that some rose ceremonies continue filming into the wee hours of the morning.

"Sometimes I would finish shooting just before I come to the radio show at 5am just so we had the right light," he said.

As rude as it seems, as least Jefferson has a good reason for trying to squeeze in a little snooze while he could.

Plus, according to his Instagram, he is a bit of a Nutella addict, which makes him a winner in our books.

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