All The Bachelorette news people are talking about today.

Want to know all the latest Bachie goss, but can’t be bothered finding it? Luckily, we’ve trawled the net and done the hard yards so you don’t have to.

Here is everything you need to know today:

1. Sam and Sasha are having a baby. 

We didn’t bother with a spoiler alert for this one, but according to Famous magazine, Sam and Sasha are a happy couple expecting a baby.

Congratulations, guys!

2. Ben Lee lookalike says Sam Frost wants to be a WAG.

Guitar-playing geek Will Stoker reckons the lovely Sam Frost is out to bag herself a sportsman and live the WAG lifestyle.

The 31-year-old musician, who was one of two potential suitors to be sent packing on Thursday’s episode, reportedly told New Weekly Magazine he got the impression Frost would happily spend her days on the red carpet.

“I suspect she wouldn’t shy from having a public persona and having a relationship, too — being in a glamour-couple situation like the Beckhams,” he said.

Thanks Ben Lee!

If that’s true, former professional soccer player Michael Turnbull’s stocks just went up – even if he did over-inflate his football accomplishments.

Stoker also had a few words to say on his fellow bro-code abider.

“Michael would probably relate to Sam’s beauty regime and go along to get a fake tan at the same time she does,” he said.

3. Former soccer star Michael Turnbull is apparently more interested in fame than love.

The fact former goalie Michael Turnbull created a public figure Facebook page for himself before The Bachelorette went on air suggests he is more keen on finding fame than love, News Limited reports.

The one-time Melbourne Victory player who definitely did not play in the Olympics has fingers in many pies, with his own athlete talent site and real estate business.


News Limited reports he also created a lifestyle website called Red Carpet with Michael which states: “Michael has always had a passion for quality in everything that he does, including fashion, travel, jewellery through to food and wine.”

Michael Turnbull — a man of many talents.

The Daily Mail previously reported Turnbull was lined up to star as the leading man on The Bachelor but was dumped for Blake Garvey.

The suave former athlete was slammed in recent weeks for claiming the Sydney Olympic Games were one of his career highlights, despite being an unused substitute throughout the event.

On his Facebook page, which has around 1200 followers so far, he recently stated: “Representing my country, either on the field or on the substitute bench has been the proudest experience of my life and thank you to everyone who supported me.”

Good on you, Michael. And hey — if you got to wear the uniform, we think that counts!

4. Davey’s friend says he really really wants to be a model.

Self-confessed serial dater and ‘bro-code’ inventor Davey Lloyd is reportedly hoping the show will help change career directions from chippie to model.

“He’s hoping to get recognised on the TV series and land himself a modelling contract,” a friend of the North Shore carpenter (who is probably not a friend of the North Shore carpenter anymore) told The Daily Mail.


The 25-year-old recently apologised if he “hurt anyone” in the past in response to claims he was a school bully.

“I was silly and foolish during my school years, I have grown up a lot since then and I’m a different man today,” he said.

Pity he won’t be able to get any tips from former contestant David “the International Model” Witko, who was booted early on.

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