Georgia Love was left feeling 'embarrassed' after The Bachelorette premiere.

Did you feel that last night? That was Australia collectively cringing as Georgia Love made her painful entrance to The Bachelorette cocktail party.

When introduced by Osher to the crowd of eligible fellas, the 27-year-old accidentally made her way down the stairs shins first.

It was brutal. One of those moments when you gasp, then giggle, then hate yourself for giggling because perhaps she was hurt. Thankfully she wasn’t; not physically, at least. But her ego definitely took a beating.

“I wanted to do it [the entrance] again!” she told OK! this morning.

“I thought we were going to re-set, thinking ‘That’s ok, we’ll definitely do this again’, [but then] the producer says, ‘Nope! That’s it!’

“It was so embarrassing!”

At the risk of reliving the whole thing (Georgia, if you’re reading this, you might want to scroll past this bit), allow us to recap for those who missed the unfortunate event.

Here’s how it/she went down.

The speed-dating bit was over, the bachelors had made their pitches and were now hanging out together sinking drinks and chatting about manly things.

Enter Osher. Platitudes. Journey. Blah blah blah. Then he dramatically extends his arm behind him, as Love literally walks into the room.

She takes his hand, aims for the top step, then BANG. Down she goes, leaving Osher to scoop her up off the ground.


Back on her feet, she steadies herself for a moment, then triumphantly raises her champagne flute to declare: “I barely spilled any!”

bachelorette georgia love fell over

"Marriage material." Image: Channel 10.

Which, judging by the bachelors’ reactions, was basically the best thing she possibly could have said.


They clapped, cheered and declared her "marriage material".

She seemed fine on the outside. But inside... well, no so much.


Georgia, in case you're reading this, I feel you. I once tripped a funeral. Sure, it wasn't in front of millions, but it was still pretty humiliating.

Also, there was no Osher there to catch me.

Take a leaf out of Jennifer Lawrence's book. Hollywood's snort-laughing sweetheart seems to stack it every time she's faced with a set of stairs.


Or even perfectly flat ground, for that matter.


And people love her for it.

Meanwhile, you did it with a glass of champas in you hand, and like a dead-set Australian hero you didn't spill a damn drop.

Forget skinned shins, we all know there are few things more upsetting than good bubbles (we assume French?) going to waste.

So get your head out of your hands, G. You recovered like a champ.

Own it.