Guess who has been shortlisted as next year's "The Bachelorette"?

You may need to sit down for this one, Bachie fans.

We’re all obviously excited for 2015 to come and to be overwhelmed with drama from not just The Bachelor but The Bachelorette.

The only question has been… who will take the coveted spot of 2015’s The Bachelorette?

And it turns out… it might just be someone we’ve been hoping for since she went bowling in a cocktail dress and ate a dirty street pie.

Is this the face of The Bachelorette Australia? We hope so.


Laurina Fleure, aka the only contestant worth remembering from this year’s season of The Bachelor, reckons she’s a shoo-in to be Australia’s first female Bachie.

“I think they might have me in the line up. I was told I was in the short listing so that’s exciting,’’ she said. “I’d have to consider it but I’m not seeing anyone.”

Sam Frost, rejected winner and also in the running for Bachelorette, Laurina, and contestant Zoe – not in the running because no one remembers her. Image via Instagram.


Her competition are rejected winner, Sam Frost, and rejected runner-up, Lisa Hyde. Although, the controversial interviews since Bachie Blake unceremoniously dumped Sam and took up with Lipstick Louise may not have done Sam and Lisa any favours with the producers.

All we can say is: If Laurina is The Bachelorette, we cannot wait for 2015.