Matty J on his Bachelorette loss: "I knew what pain was going to be coming my way."

After eight emotional weeks, Georgia Love has announced who her heart belongs to — and who will leave The Bachelorette Australia utterly heartbroken. And it was Matty J who walked away without the final rose.

Mamamia caught up with Matty to discuss his shock rejection, and how the weeks since filming ended have been.

While being broken up with in the final episode was painful, he wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I guess the safe option would have been to not even go on the show and not even meet Georgia,” Matty said.

Matty J hearing the news. (Image: Channel 10)

"[There was always a potential] I was going to get my heart broken and knew what pain was going to be coming my way."

The 29-year-old Sydneysider says Georgia's decision came with "a huge amount of disappointment", but that the positives of being on the show far outweighed the negatives.

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"I’ve only ever been in love once before and to have that, and experience so many amazing times we had together are memories I am going to cherish forever," he said.

"Nobody wants to get hurt, it would be easy to live life trying to avoid any situation where you might get hurt, but then you’re not really living, are you?"

Hey, Matty? We're here for you. Seriously. Any time you need a hug. (Image: Channel 10)

For any die-hard fans who are reeling at the marketing manager's crushing loss, Matty J has one message: "Focus on the positives."

"Two really amazing people have fallen in love with each other and they’re going to start something really special," he explained, adding: "That should be the silver lining in Matty J’s heartbreak."

As hard as it was to see him go, fingers crossed we see Matty J again... maybe even as The Bachelor 2017.