Don't panic, but a Bachelor contestant may have just revealed who wins Matty J's heart.

Guys, we have breaking Bachelor news and WE ARE NOT OKAY.

Watching random men and women compete for the love and attention of one single person while they are trapped in a luxurious palace by Osher is a commitment.

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It’s a commitment we are more than happy to take on. We’re good people like that.

So excuse us if we get a little… upset… when a contestant just comes along and RUINS EVERYTHING.


It all started when fan-favourite (and like, actual favourite) Laura Byrne posted an image of a one-on-one date with Matty.

Try and find a happier moonface, I'll wait. #thebachelorau2017 #thebachelorau

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Things were great… until we noticed that fellow contestant Jen Hawke had commented with a statement so very telling the world is convinced it’s a major giveaway as to who ends up with the final rose.

“Is it bad that I actually think you guys are the cutest?” Jen wrote, with a few emojis for good measure.

Since the comment is written in present tense, many are seeing it as a sign that the pair are still together.


This isn’t the first time that it’s been hinted that Laura has won over Matty’s heart: in late July, both Laura and Matty posted pictures SKIING within days of each other which obviously means they are in love and are off living the snow-filled fairytale of our dreams.

(Never mind the fact that Laura was in Queenstown and Matty was in Perisher. THAT’S NOT THE POINT.)

Starting to realise the cheeseboards are just for show ???? #thebachelorau2017 #thebachelorau

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Fans were even convinced that Laura had won before the show had even made it to our television screens when she updated her Instagram bio to read “Queen of reverse parking”.

And what did Matty J say he loved in a girl when he appeared on Georgia Love’s series of The Bachelorette? “Women who can reverse park with ease”.

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So there you have it, guys. It’s love. It’s fate. Laura and Matty are meant to be together forever and ever and no-one else stands a chance.

But just in case we are wrong, we’re going to keep watching…