This is why Bachelor "villain" Keira hasn't been doing any interviews lately.

Ever since the latest season of The Bachelor premiered, there’s only one thing the people of Australia has been talking about, and no, it’s not Richie’s abs.

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Dubbed this year’s ‘villain’, Keira Maguire has been dividing viewers with her straight-talking, no-nonsense commentary of the goings on of the season.

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Now, it seems the 29-year-old is being ‘rested’ from the publicity trail due to a spate of negative backlash from Bachelor fans.

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The blonde has been trolled online since debuting on the show and starting fights with her fellow contestants, favourite Alex Nation and the quirky Eliza St. John.

Surprisingly, both have leapt to Keira’s defence in the press.

Keira was finally treated to a single date on last night's episode. Image via Channel 10

“I was very aware early on that Keira is who she is — and she’s unapologetic as well. She’s very opinionated and she’s very outspoken but more power to her. It’s great she can be like that because she’s just try to who she is," said Alex, who also had a message for those leaving nasty messages on Keira's social media accounts.

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"I cannot stress enough that people should really think before they post. Because (negative) comments can be so detrimental to a person’s well being. It can be so detrimental to someone’s health and well being. I’ve had my run ins with Keira and so did the other girls, but at the end of the day we’re all human beings," she said.

"I applaud her courage to be so opinionated. Sometimes, sure, you want her do it in a more tactful way but everything is heightened," Eliza said.