Behold: All The Bachelor and The Bachelorette alumni have arrived at Melbourne Cup.

For those looking to sign up to the next few seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, there is no guarantee of finding love.

However, a spot on the reality TV shows does guarantee an invite to any of the exclusive marquees come spring racing season.

Today is no different. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette alumni are out in their dozens at Melbourne Cup, making good use of their newly public personas and growing Instagram followings.

Old favourites Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards attended arm in arm, Anna in a bright red and Tim in grey. The couple have been fixtures at Flemington since their relationship was made public back in 2013.

Morning run down, feeling fresh and minty! Bring on cup day! #mycalvins @calvinklein

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Heather Maltman, fan favourite from Sam Wood’s 2015 season of The Bachelor was also in tow. But not without the drama.

Maltman detailed her awkward lead-up to the cup, writing on Instagram about the ordeal.

“When your Airbnb turns out to be odd and the guy asks you to get ready in the cleaner’s bathroom. A dude you’ve met… umm no! I don’t want to be kidnapped today. Why would I want to get naked in a guy’s house I’ve never met,” she wrote.

Then, of course, there’s this season’s most talked about couple: Megan and Tiffany. The duo attended Derby together and have made a weekend of it by staying on for the Cup.

The couple made their relationship public last week after one of Tiffany’s Instagram posts shed more light on their relationship.

Tiffany described meeting the 27-year-old as “destiny”, and that spending the months after filming had ended with Megan as “bliss”.

But it was Megan’s reply in the comments section that said it all.

“You beautiful woman, I looooved having such an adventurous and relaxed day with you,” she wrote.


“We’ll wake up together tomorrow for lots of kisses and cuddles before the inevitable… I LOVE YOU.”

Melbourne Cup Carnival ready! Operation bird cage sneak in round 2, wish us luck!

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Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the Richie Strahans, Micheal Turnbulls and Olena Khamulas of the series. They’re all there too, and for some it could make for some awkward meetings.

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