Bachelor finalist posts ring selfie. We all LOSE OUR MINDS.

Everyone breathe.

The Bachelor final is on this week, and things are getting crazy.

And now, “the media” have come across a photo of finalist Louise wearing AN ENGAGEMENT RING.

The world went into a spin. But.

It was taken in 2013.


Apparently, Louise took a selfie and posted it on her Facebook account in August 2013, and a giant diamond can clearly be seen on her engagement finger.

But considering that was a year ago, we aren’t sure how to feel about it.

Publicity stunt?


Secret husband?

A penchant for borrowing diamond rings, taking misleading selfies, and then stealthily putting them back?

Blake is set to propose (if the dramatic Channel Ten ads can be trusted) this Thursday night. It will be really awkward if he goes to put a ring on Louise’s finger, and finds there is already one there.

Awkward in the best possible way.


In other news, Osher Gunsberg makes his own podcasts, which are fun, interesting and you can listen to them while picturing his excellent Bachie hair. Check them out here.