Keira may have just confirmed the biggest rumour about this year's Bachelor.

Richie Strahan: Possessor of strapping physique, a happy-go-lucky attitude, an intriguing job and about a dozen lady-loves.

On paper (and, let’s be honest, through out TV screens) he seems the perfect guy.

But according to a nasty rumour, there’s one thing Richie’s lacking… and that’s a shower.

Yep — if you havent heard yet, a few (kind of mean) sources are saying the Bachelor himself has a personal hygiene problem.

(We know. Ridiculous! If there’s one place TV stars have access to impeccable grooming resources, it’s the set of The Bachelor.)

To be fair, ropes technician Richie probably does occasionally get sweaty on his day job. But we're not complaining. (Photo: Instagram)

For those of you playing catch-up, an anonymous "source" told New Idea back in June that many contestants were unimpressed with the 31-year-old’s poor hygiene while filming the show.

“Aa fair few expressed their desire to leave more than once,” the so-called source apparently told the magazine.

“No-one knew if he was aware of it, or if it was down to his nerves. But it was noticeable and was certainly a mood killer as far as romance goes.”

We called bulls*** on the rumour a while back, pointing out that a) the amount of candles and roses on set would mask any smells and b) body scent carries pheromones which are totally necessary for attraction, so basically bring on a little bit of a whiffy underarm.


The Mamamia Out Loud podcast hosts even discussed the issue at length and concluded the rumour was the very worst.

But now it's being dragged up again -- because some fans of the show are claiming that Keira confirmed the stinky suggestion at the latest cocktail party.

The mysterious statement.

ICYMI: As Keira grabbed Richie for a one-on-one dance across the lawn on Thursday night's episode, she whispered to him, “You smell good ... but I can make you smell better.”

Which was weird, because it kind of sounded like she wanted to improve his scent.

At least, that's what some Twitter users made of it.

Also worth considering -- interviewed eliminated contestant Laura William about the rumour -- and mysteriously, she had this to say:

“I can say nothing,” she laughed.


So what does he smell like?

“He smells like Richie,” was her diplomatic (and very telling) response.

We still don't buy this particular tidbit of gossip.

But if Richie wants to offer us a cuddle to prove it to us, we won't say no.

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Feature photo: Instagram