A behind the scenes photo of The Bachelor Richie is being labelled as a massive gym fail.

Our latest Bachelor Richie is pretty much the perfect man: he’s sensitive and he’s looking for love.

But while Richie was trying to show off his lean physique, with the show’s official Instagram page sharing a photo of Bachie working out in between dates, he’s copped a bit of flack.

In Richie’s downtime in the Bach pad he likes to maintain a healthy physique. ????

A photo posted by TheBachelorAU (@thebachelorau) on Aug 15, 2016 at 6:59pm PDT

“In Richie’s downtime in the Bach pad he likes to maintain a healthy physique,” the caption read.

Which is all well and good because #fitness and #hotBachelorbody and all that, but eagle-eyed fans have begun to notice that what Richie is bench pressing isn’t all that heavy.


“It’s only 30 kilos hardly pumping iron haha” read one comment.

“That awkward moment when we bench heavier than the bachie,” said another.

If we’re completely honest, benching 30kgs is still pretty damn impressive. And who knows, maybe Richie was just getting warmed up? Also, we’ve heard the bar weighs 20 big ones ALL BY ITSELF, so our Bachie was actually pressing 50kgs. Who knew?

All is okay in Bachelor land, Richie does indeed have Guns. Of. Steel.

Here’s a reminder of who’s still in the running for Richie’s heart. Post continues after gallery.

Luckily, our hero (and host of The Bachelor) Osher Gunsberg totally agrees, leaping to his defence and confirming that Richie is indeed the fittest man on the planet.

“If you can swim from Rottnet Island to Fremantle, which Richie has done, only a couple of months ago, you’re more than welcome to write shit about him on Twitter,” he told NOVA’s Fitzy and Wippa this morning.

So, come on, haters – let’s see what you’ve got.