The teeny, tiny mistake that almost ruined the mystery of The Bachelor premiere.

Look, we all know that going on The Bachelor isn’t a very… realistic… way for most of us to find love.

(Especially since, um, we forgot to apply this year and Matty J seems to have found love with someone that is very much not us…)

But for goodness sake, for a few hours every week, we like to pretend that true love found via reality TV is completely normal and completely legitimate path to happily ever after.

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Heck, sometimes while watching, we even forget that this is a highly produced, highly staged situation and that we are witnessing reality unfolding before our us.

(Or maybe it’s just because we are lost in Matty J’s eyes. It’s sometimes hard to tell.)

So when something happens on The Bachelor that jerks us back into our harsh reality, we get a little confused.


That’s exactly what happened during last night’s premiere, when the sight of a cameraman scrambling in the background of a shot left Australian viewers scratching their heads.

The awkward moment took place in the middle of the ‘clash’ between Matty J hopefuls Jen and Elizabeth.

As Jen rushed to another group of contestants after overhearing Elizabeth call her dress “putrid”, the poor crew member could be seen racing to get out of the way.

bachelor cameraman
bachelor cameraman
Dude...we can still...we can still see you.

Fans were quick to point out that the man was doing a... rather poor job of hiding.


But others were quick to credit the cameraman with stealing the show (sorry, Matty).


We're not entirely sure, but it seems as though Channel 10, has found their very next Bachelor.

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