We've played Cupid and matched the ex-Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants.

As much as we’re obsessed with The Bachelor and Bachelorette, we’ve realised one huge, gaping flaw:

We rarely see our true favourites find love.

And that sucks. Because they’re our favourites and we develop an emotional attachment to these people… as if they’re a distant cousin, or that work colleague who you like but not quite enough to catch up outside work.

… You get what I mean.

So, the women of the Mamamia office decided to fix this dilemma ourselves because we are problem-solving ladies, dammit! We’ve done so by match-making (Bach-making?) our faves from both seasons so they can live happily ever after.

And holy banana, you guys. These matches just make so much sense.

COUPLE ONE: Rhys and Keira

Oh yes oh yes oh yes.

I don't think you could find a better match than modelz Rhys Chilton and Keira Maguire. You just... can't.

I can see their lives together now: there are just so many candid Insta pics to be taken (and in Rhys' case, photoshopped), sassy interviews to be given, and blue carpet events to attend.

Listen: The Bach Chat podcast speaks to Rhys about that infamous Photoshop incident. (Post continues after audio.)

It's a textbook model romance.

Sadly, Rhys is from the Sunshine state, and the glorious Keira is from Sydney... but love knows no bounds, right?

COUPLE TWO: Cameron and Nikki

Okay, before any of you scream "WHAT ABOUT MATTY J" at your screens, hear a gal out. I've got dot points, and I ain't afraid to use 'em.

  • Both from WA = tick
  • Both incredibly likeable and genuine = tick
  • Both ridiculously attractive = tick
  • Both Australia's sweethearts = tick
  • Did I mention both from WA? Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick bloody tick.

Also, it just so turns out Cam and Nikki spent Thursday night watching The Bachelorette finale together:


So watch this space, amigas.

COUPLE THREE: Jake and Rachael

I can't really explain this one — I just feeeeeeeeeeeeel it, ya know?

Jake and Rachael both seem intelligent, with a side of super classy and smooth - so excuse me while I imagine them with two kiddies and a nice house in the 'burbs.

COUPLE FOUR: Matty J and The Bachelor 2017

I simply refuse to match Matty J with anyone, because I am hellbent - HELLBENT I TELL YOU - on him being our Bachie King of 2017.

When we asked Matty if he'd consider coming back for the show next year, he wasn't exactly positive (Quote: "My initial reaction is, definitely not, no way."), but I'm a girl with a dream.

It's gonna happen. I'm telling you, it's gonna happen.

Who would you match from The Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons? Let us know in the comments...

Images: Channel 10/The Bachelorette