One of the top three girls has told a BIG FAT LIE.




One of the top three girls has told a BIG FAT LIE. (Well, the producers of the show did. Or Lisa’s family. Or Osher. Anyway, someone told a lie of such epic proportions it rivals, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.

Last week, ol’ Bachie Blake visited the childhood homes of his favourite four girlfriends (because why wouldn’t you introduce your family to the man you have a 25% chance of ending up with?).

We saw Louise’s snow-bunny Thredbo lodge, Bogan Sam’s gorgeous Mornington Peninsula home and then…. We saw Lisa’s fuck-off enormous, super-fancy, grand-hotel-style family mansion, casually resting on the expensive coast of Noosa, Queensland.

Except it wasn’t Lisa’s family home. IT WAS A RENTAL.

Bachie visiting the house of lies.


As first reported on iVillage Australia, some viewers were quick to notice the familiar holiday destination from their stayz.com and wotif browser histories, (elementary my dear Watson).

The two-storey, four-bedroom, four-bathroom house is listed on R&W Noosa Holidays as a holiday rental, available from $540 to $1050 per night. So if they did rent it, let’s hope it wasn’t for long – Channel 10’s budget couldn’t take it.

Do the family own it? Did Blake organise the rental as another ‘surprise’ (WHICH HE NEVER ORGANISES HIMSELF, GUYS)? Should someone warn Blake not to propose to Lisa based on the fancy property he might inherit? IS THEIR LOVE A LIE?

This, combined with the fact that Louise may or may not already be engaged (may or may not be to Blake), should make for an interesting final tomorrow night.

So excited. Might wee.


Have a look at LISA’S NOT-HOUSE:


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