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Rejoice! Australia reacts to the moment Ivan was finally sent home on Bachelor in Paradise.


Now that that’s over, let’s just take a minute to say what we’re all thinking:

Who knew the guy who blended a whole avocado and broke into a dance routine at the drop of a hat would turn out to be so bloody scary?

Surpassing stage five clinger to full-blown stalker, the once-lovable goofball Ivan’s fierce courtship and incredibly possessive behaviour towards Tenille has been the biggest shock of this season’s Bachelor in Paradise.

His stomping around the island like a giant man baby, threatening to beat up any guy who so much as breathes near Tenille, and following her around like a 7-foot puppy dog has been frankly terrifying.

Now, Australia can finally breathe a sigh of relief because he is GONE.

(Along with Daniel, Richie and Cass – yes, it was a mass exodus tonight).

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Ivan skulking off home to Melbourne sans-rose – not before uttering that he “doesn’t know where he went wrong” which is… alarming:





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