Three of our favourite ex-Bachelor contestants are on holiday in Bali right now.

Bali: it’s Australia’s most infamous holiday destination, and the scene of the crime setting of the final Bachelor episode where Richie Strahan handed the last rose to Alex Nation over Nikki Gogan.

Now, three of the show’s stars — Faith Williams, Rachael Gouvignon and Janey Birks — have returned to the holiday destination.

The three former contestants hinted at a Bali holiday on Instagram almost two weeks ago, and now we’re seeing them strutting the Indonesian streets.

The trio arrived yesterday but have already ticked off some big boxes on the classic Bali holiday checklist.

Source: Instagram/Snapchat.

Judging by the stars' Instagram and Twitter posts, the holiday has been nothing but sun, shopping and trying on shoes in plastic bags.

Oh, and massages — because you're not in Bali unless somebody is knuckle-deep in your back.

Source: Snapchat.

The girls were even kind enough to remind us of their lack of Monday morning blues.

OK, so we wish we were there.

Source: Instagram/Snapchat.

We'll pass on the plastic shoe fittings but we're go a dip in that pool any day.

Even if Janey puts us in a Snapchat filter as we do it.