We were so distracted with last night's Bachelor drama we missed the biggest problem of all.

I’m sure we’d all agree last night’s episode of The Bachelor was… problematic.

There was lying. Women were pitted against each other. One girl had a meltdown, and we can’t blame her.

But while everyone was so distracted with the draaaama, they missed the biggest issue of all.

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At the end of the day, the safety and wellbeing of these women is our top priority. And we DID NOT feel very safe or well about Florence’s choice of footwear when she, you know, just casually scaled down a 26-storey building.

I’m sorry, but did no one else see an issue with Florence jumping off a building wearing BOOTS WITH A HEEL?

And not even small, semi-practical heeled shoes, but six-inch fashion boots one would wear of an evening.

SO UNSAFE. (Image: Ten)
MUCH RISK. (Image: Ten)

Here lies the main issue with surprise dates - especially of the 'surprise you could die' variety.

Just LOOK at her ankles. There is no support WHATSOEVER. It's just not good enough.

And did not one, NOT ONE of the many abseiling experts or safety professionals on set think to check she was wearing appropriate footwear before sending her off the edge?

As far as we know, Florence was not aware she would be jumping of building on her date, therefore not giving her the chance to make the rational decision that heels would not be the best option for said activity.

Luckily, she made it down in one piece. But make a note, Channel 10. It's gotta be safety first.

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