We've uncovered Eliza from The Bachelor's show reel. And it's incredible.

Prepare yourselves for the greatest performance from The Bachelor‘s Eliza St. John since that time she serenaded Richie 61 times with the same song on that first episode.

Yep, that’s right, we’ve discovered the aspiring actress’ show reel, in all its glory.

While we’re used to seeing Eliza in all of her quirky goodness, her showreel takes quite a dramatic turn, dealing with serious issues like divorce.

Where’s the great singing, Eliza?

The contestant – who was eliminated from the competition last night, much to our dismay – has made no secret of the fact that she’s an aspiring actress, even revealing that she loved her time on the reality show so much that she’s keen to star in her very own talk show.

She's here and she's ready to entertain. Photo via Channel 10.

"It could be called something like 'Lize Live'," she told em>TV Week magazine.

"I’m ready to entertain and be my quirky self whenever anyone says go."

The latest episode of Bach Chat is here...and it's a MUST LISTEN.

Which is pretty lucky, considering she's about to embark on a one-woman comedy tour about a woman trying to find love. So meta, Eliza.

Speaking of her self-confessed "wierdo" self (um, hello, she made Richie a VELVET ROSE last night because #quirky), Eliza told Kyle and Jackie O this morning that the show portrayed her perfectly.

"They portrayed me exactly as I am," she said.

Yep, that means that in real-life Eliza is full of awkward songs, random craft projects and inappropriate dance moves during photoshoots. We love it.

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