The Bachelor contestant Noni Janur forced to defend controversial photos.

A contestant on Channel 10’s The Bachelor, is under fire for promoting her swim line using what some people have labelled as unethical images.

Noni Janur, a Queensland Bachelor contestant and swimline creator has been accused of promoting smoking/drug use and exploiting young models for promotional purposes.

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The photos in question, first taken two years ago and posted via Instagram, have now come to light, depicting  a then 15-year-old girl wearing a bikini and blowing smoke from her mouth. The bikini itself is called the “Kaila” rasta top.

Janur has defended the image, writing:

“The shoot took place at her family home in Bali, with her parent’s consent.”

“[The model] was 15-years-old at the time this photo was taken, which was two years ago, and she continues to model today.”

“The smoke seen in the image was a tobacco-free and legal vapour.”

In a second image, another model, then a mere 14-years of age, is depicted taking her bathing suit top off.

Despite attempts at investigation by The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB), the bureau was unable to take any actions as Janur’s swimline was founded outside of Australia, in Bali.

Nikki Paterson, case manager at the ASB, wrote an email in order to address citizen’s complaints, informing them that,

“Whilst Instagram can be viewed in any country, not just the country of origin, there is nothing on the page which appears to be targeting an Australian market.”

Bestie goals ????

A photo posted by Balini (@balinibikini) on Jun 21, 2016 at 12:54am PDT

Still, this has not stopped Brisbane anti-exploitation lobbyists from coming forth, with member of Collective Shout Melinda Lizewski expressing her outrage.

“To sexualise and sexually objectify a girl in this way is child exploitation,” Lizewski said.

“Whether or not there is photoshopping involved with the smoke doesn’t matter, the suggestion of smoking is there, so the message is pretty clear.”

Bestie goals ???? A photo posted by Balini (@balinibikini) on Jun 21, 2016 at 12:54am PDT