Bachelor Blake was NOT a stripper. He was a topless waiter. Oh. Wait.



Bachie Blake has previously been upfront about an alleged history in sparkly y-fronts. He has revealed that two years ago, he worked as a topless waiter. He made it very clear that this was in no way stripping.

In his own words, “I mean stripping means you come out, you’re maybe wearing a costume, you’re grinding up on people, you’re doing all these things that I wouldn’t do,” he said. “That’s not me.”

So the main difference between being a topless waiter and a stripper? Grinding, folks.

Except appear to have obtained some photos that err on the side of grind.

Bend over and grind. Hug and grind.

So much grinding and no cracked pepper in sight.

Check them out and you can decide for yourself whether they say “waiter” or “stripper”.

Our sister site iVillage last month ran a story about the Bachelor’s previous career and alleged love-dog ways and offered another image from a hen’s night that might help you decide.

Stripper or no?

So we take it this is not really stripping. These women are not really hanging onto him. He is not really taking his clothes off. Not. Stripping.


Of course, there is nothing wrong with being an exotic dancer.

But if the Bachelor can’t decide commit on whether he was a waiter or a stripper, how is is supposed to stick with his choice of bride?

Oh wait. That’s right. #dirtystreetpie

In other news, Osher Gunsberg makes his own podcasts, which are fun, interesting and you can listen to them while picturing his excellent Bachie hair. Check them out here.