Read the actual love letter that Blake sent to Louise (while possibly still with Sam).

Bachie and Louise have spoken.

Quick, everyone pretend to look shocked.

After weeks of speculation and tidbits of breaking news… after much talk about strippers, the Bachelorette and weird text messages

Blake Garvey and his third favourite girlfriend, Louise Pillidge have given an exclusive interview to Woman’s Day magazine, which was published today.

Because love isn’t love until it’s printed on glossy pages.

The report reveals that after the show’s finale, Blake, 31, realised he still had feelings for 26-year-old Louise — and weeks before the final episode of the show aired, sent her a letter revealing his true feelings.

(It’s unclear whether he was still with Sam at the point he wrote the letter. Fingers crossed he didn’t borrow his fiancee’s favourite pen to confess his love to another woman.)

“Blake poured his heart out, explaining his confusion and admitting he regretted ever letting her go,” the magazine reports.


“In the days, hours and minutes since I last saw you, not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought of you and our time together,” an edited extract reads.


bachelor blake and louise
(Photo: Channel 10)

“I miss you, but it goes beyond that. As dangerous as this is to admit, I feel I need to admit it — I made a mistake… I’m not going to follow through with the engagement,” it read. “My one wish is that I don’t want to just be your first love, I want to be your first, last and only.”

Let’s hope it didn’t open with ‘Dear Sam Lisa Louise’…

While Louise was initially “confused” by Bachie’s declaration of adoration, she knew she was “deeply in love with Blake”, so she called him to talk — and their feelings escalated from there.

And while The Bachelor “winner” Sam Frost has said she doesn’t know why Blake ended their relationship, the Woman’s Day exclusive claims Bachie had actually revealed his feelings to Sam prior to making a move on Louise.

“Mere weeks into their new relationship, Blake decided to tell Sam he still felt something for Louise, but says his then-fiancee refused to discuss it and asked him not to mention it publicly,” the magazine reports. “However, while he and Sam were having a blast together there was no passion, and he decided to call it off.”

Louise admits she received a text from Sam asking why she hadn’t been in touch — “but out of respect I didn’t reply,” Louise told the magazine. “I had to come here and see Blake before I spoke to her. It’s delicate.”


Louise told the magazine: “It’s not even like I came second place… I was third!”

Sam spoke to media at an event at the weekend, saying it was “quite heartbreaking” that Blake and Louise hadn’t told her themselves about their relationship.

“If they had a conversation with me, instead of sneaking around and selling their story… I would have had a lot of respect for them. They should have showed me respect and courtesy.”

Louise and Blake now plan to move in together in Blake’s hometown, Perth– and the magazine reports the couple are planning to spend their lives together.

But for now, they’re sunning themselves in Thailand, where they secretly flew after reuniting.

“In a covert operation to hide their movements… they flew separately to their romantic hideaway, switching off their phones and telling no-one of their plans as they prepared to see if their romance was still there,” the magazine reports.

“And now, away from the cameras on a secret Thailand getaway, the pair have finally found each other once more.”

Bachie Blake says the pair were “overwhelmed” when they first saw each other since Blake let Louise go in South Africa.


“Seeing him walk through that door was amazing,” Louise said.

bachelor blake and louise
(Photo: Channel 10)

“When we talked again I knew I still loved her,” Blake said. “The moment she walked in and into my arms, I knew I was in love with her and told her as much.”

But Louise says she hasn’t let Blake forget that she wasn’t his first choice.

Asked about not getting the ring on the show’s finale, Louise said: “I know, I will never let him live it down.

“It’s not even like I came second place… I was third!”

Yep, Louise. Bachie hasn’t been branded a #dirtystreetpie for nothing…

The Project is also set to run a tell-all interview tonight, which will presumably offer many more juicy details about the most-talked-about couple of 2014.

Stay tuned – we’ll be reporting everything that happens on The Project as it happens.

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