The Bachelor Finale 2016: Richie has finally chosen a winner.

Well, this season of The Bachelor is done for another year.

And the woman who has won Richie’s heart is……..


The beautiful Indonesian setting was quickly interrupted by a series of family showdowns between Richie’s mum and sister and the two blonde ladies left standing.

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Richie may have fizzled into a giggling ginger mime over the course of the season, but his mother and sister certainly brought the sass.

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If any mafia families out there are looking for a new leader, look no further than Mrs Strahan, because that woman is all forms of intimidating and outspoken.

Richie may have put the girls in a few tricky spots over the last few weeks, but I've never seen them as terrified at the moment they took on Richie's mum, a woman with a death stare that rivals J.Bish.

The first chicken onto the chopping block is Alex. It all seems to be going well, until Alex drops the bombshell that she is a Single Mum of One.

Mafia Mum is not very happy about that, and afterwards scold's her son for spending all his time setting his slew of girlfriends up on death dates and weeding out those pesky brunettes from the heard.

"It's just a shock, Richard," are words that will live on in Australian TV infamy for years to come.

Next up, it was Nikki's turn to meet the in-laws and at first, it seemed like the Perth lass was the front runner by a mile.

Until it was discovered that she was in a relationship for 12 years and called off the wedding just six months before she was set to walk down the aisle, like some kind of scarlet, man-hating woman of the night.

Since both ladies are tainted in some way, it was hard to pick a winner at this moment, but even though Mafia Mum softened up just enough to call them both "beautiful girls" it was clear even then she was Team Nikki.

Next up, it was time for the final dates.

Because we haven't seen Richie/Nikki and Richie/Alex smooch and talk about their feels quite enough this season, right?

Nikki's date kicked off with a helicopter ride which took them to an ancient temple run by a pack of monkey overlords. Nikki was quickly covered with monkeys with questionable intentions, yet instead of helping her, Richie continues to tell her how much he digs her and talk's about "family values".


I just hope they have both been vaccinated.

Despite the attempted monkey assassination, she still told Richie "I'm totally in love with you."

And they kissed, again.

Alex's last day on earth with Richie takes place on a boat, which is a bit of a reoccurring theme this season. Alex wants to make sure he knows all about the "nitty-gritty" details of parenting and knows that she is the "hard option".

Richie stood in the middle of a mound of rose petals.

Nikki jumped out of the car first and in that moment we knew....she was not going to be the last girl standing.

The winner is Alex. Richie said his heart was with Alex.

Nikki was broken but Alex was joyous. In the end, she won his heart with poetry.

Good luck to you, you crazy kids.

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