New Bachelor contestant says Richie has slept with women in the house already.

The season hasn’t even started yet and already there is DRAMA coming out of the Bachelor mansion.

A contestant on the upcoming season of the Bachelor made some (off the record) comments to an entertainment reporter from the Kyle and Jackie O show, which were placed very much on the record today.

According to, at a media event in Sydney this week, contestant Laura Williams opened up about her time on the show. When the reporter asked her if she had found Bachelor Richie Strahan attractive, she delivered a huge, resounding – no.

Image via Facebook/Laura Claire Williams.

“Completely no, that’s a no from me,” she said, saying she had no idea she’d be competing for the attentions of a contestant from a prior season when she signed up.

Most of us were thrilled that all round cool banana Stahan was picked as next season’s Bachie. Laura? Not so much.

When asked if she was happy with the choice, she said, “Oh God no, no way.”

Harsh. After Sam Frost’s appointment as The Bachelorette in 2015, we all kind of expected to see a familiar face, didn’t we?

“To be honest,” Laura said, “I was hoping for some bloody fresh talent.”

I guess when you know, you know… Or you don’t. When did you know your partner was the one?


And can we expect to see some action on the velvet love-couch this season? When asked whether Richie’s luscious quiff matched his hair… downstairs, in other words ‘is he really blonde or is he ginger haired downstairs?’ Laura said, “I can probably tell you that it’s a yes, and it’s a yes from a few reports.” This is, of course, entirely rumour at this point. But we can dream can’t we?

Like every good reality TV show, The Bachelor is never without it’s villain, and according to The Daily Mail, Laura thinks she’s this season’s chosen one.

“I’m everyone’s best friend, but I’m also the loud, controversial one,” she said.

Image via Facebook/Laura Claire Williams.

Laura also described herself as one who likes to “stir the pot”, had a bit of fun being in the girl in the house who was not so invested in Richie. “I definitely had a bit of social play with a few on the other girls that I knew had their hearts twisted a little bit more than the rest,” she said.

But if you’re looking forward to some serious in-fighting among the contestants, you’re going to be disappointed. Laura referred to the girls as her “besties” and said that despite her ‘pot-stirring’ she took on the role of counselor in the mansion.

When the interview was played on air, show host Jackie O suggested that Laura’s attendence at a public event (and her willingness to speak about not finding the Bachelor hot) means she’s no longer on the show.

Kyle Sandilands was quick  back up her suspicions. “I’m assuming she’s obviously been given the flick,” he said. “Because they’re not allowed out of the house until they are gone. The first thing she did was go for a few drinks I’d imagine.”

The truth always comes out after a few glasses of bubbly.