Kyle Sandilands is very interested in Richie's bedroom performance as he quizzes Alex and Nikki.

Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. Again with the inappropriate sex questions. Yesterday it was Bachelor Richie Strahan copping heat about his between-the-sheets antics, and this morning it was Alex and Nikki’s turn.

The two ladies in Richie’s life (or at least one who presumably is and one who used to be) were left squirming in their seats on KIIS today, as Sandilands tried to work out whether either had bedded the studly Bach on set.

“It’s all nice to be romantic and pour wine and look into each other’s eyes, but what if the chemistry’s not there, sexually? Is this ever a worry?” He asked.

The women laughed their way through a response that basically indicated it was none of his damn business, but Kyle pressed on.

“Was that a worry for you girls, like what if this is ‘the one’ and then he’s a fizzer?” He asked.

Alex gallantly (and perhaps tellingly?) stepped up and took the bullet for her current/former beau.

“I think from the moment I met Rich, and think it’s the same for you Nikki, we both had really nice feeling about him and he was really genuine,” she said. “He’s definitely our type of guy, because we wouldn’t be sitting here if he wasn’t.”

Not satisfied, Kyle later dropped this grenade: “Can anyone confirm or deny the pre-ejaculator rumour that we’ve heard around the place?”

“Which… What was the pre… What?” fumbled Alex.

(Seriously Kyle? C’mon man. We see what you’re trying to do, but even for you that’s a tad below the belt.)

Nikki did her best to stick up for her current/former fella, offering, “Well, he’s a fit guy so…”.

“Aww, that doesn’t mean shit,” responded Kyle, with irritating accuracy.

At least once that awkward little scene was over, the women were able to throw Rich a figurative bone by talking up his kissing skills.

When questioned what they’d rate his lip-locking out of ten, Alex gave him a 9.5 and Nikki gave him a perfect score.

Nice job, Richie boy. Good for you.