These are the only scenes from The Bachelor Alex hides from her young son.


24-year-old Alex Nation didn’t waste any time in telling Richie that she was the proud mother to five-year-old Elijah when she met him on The Bachelor.

But that doesn’t mean he’ll appear on the show anytime soon.

Speaking to Woman’s Day magazine, the Bachelor favourite opens up about her “little man” for the first time, even revealing that the mother and son watch the show together.

“I don’t let him watch single dates or myself getting upset – that’s a little confusing for him,” she says.

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“He doesn’t understand the show. He honestly thinks it’s a show about me and a bunch of my friends doing some pretty cool things.”

Despite Elijah’s appreciation for the show, Alex says she decided very early on that if she made it through the final stages, she wouldn’t show her son on screen.

“As a young mum, it’s very important that I make the right decisions because it could change Elijah’s life also,” she says.

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“When it comes to bringing a man into my life, I take it very seriously, because he would be part of Elijah’s life too. I need to make choices for both of us.”

But Alex isn’t giving away any hints on her future with Richie, only revealing that she and Elijah would be “extremely lucky to have Richie in our lives.”