Bachelor contestant Alex says Richie was "totally worth" time away from her son.

In case you missed it, The Bachelor contestant Alex Nation is a single mum. And now that she’s reached the pointy end of the competition (AKA THE FINAL THREE, YOU GUYS), she’s realising that there’s some tough competition to take home the prize.

Richie. The prize is Richie, in case you didn’t get it.


We caught up with Alex to ask her the one burning question we’ve been dying to know about being on the show as a mum: how does she know it will all be worth it?

Was searching for love worth not seeing her young son? Image via Channel 10.

"It was so challenging being away from Elijah, it was really difficult and I did struggle," Alex tells Mamammia.

"But I really felt that Richie was worth it. I really felt so strongly that he was worth trying to pursue a relationship. Whether I got to the end or not, I would have had no regrets."

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Alex does admit that she faced a few hard days in the house, saying all she wanted to do during those times was "be with [Elijah] and cuddle him".

We're guessing kissing Richie counts as a "not-so-hard" time. Image via Channel 10.

The 24-year-old also made the decision to NOT introduce her five-year-old son to Richie during their hometown date - something last year's winner, Snezana, did with her daughter.

"He is only five years old, and I thought... if I was going to be the girl at the end then Richie would meet Elijah then. I didn’t want to get to the end of it, and for him not to choose me and Elijah has met him and he’s confused by that," she says.

"Little kids, they absorb everything. Even though they are young they do try and make sense of things in their own little minds and I didn’t want to put pressure on him or confuse him."

Since the night they first met, Alex has been "open and honest" with Richie about her life as a single mum, telling him that "if you fall in love with me, you fall in love with Elijah".

But some contestants thought the fact Alex came with an "instant family" meant she wouldn't make it so far in the competition.

Video via Channel 10

In fact, the recently eliminated Rachael said she felt confident of landing herself a top three spot when pitted against Alex, because Richie had told her "he didn't want children".

"[Richie] had mentioned his life plans and children sort of came last and he made it known to my family as well," Rachael said.

"I think that’s also why I felt so confident I’d be in the top three. Especially when it’s coming from the horse's mouth that he doesn’t want children now."

Looks like Alex is the one laughing now...

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